This afternoon after lunch I found things-i-want-to-shoot.docx, a file last edited at 13:14 on 19 January 2013. Random things I want to shoot An »

9:55 AM, New York, New York

Commuters on the subway speed from one point to another wrapped in boxes of advertisements while staring at rectangles of light, the details of which I »

3 Teasers for Birth of a Network

Birth of a Network is a work in progress that (hopefully) takes place during a trip to Bikini Atoll. The film traces the inventions of the »

05: Jasper the Cat

Interference Pattern two concentric circles. eyes lost in the interpolations of rings. to their sides, a mess of black and white interpolated waves all competing with »

Burroughs Corporation Research

Stills from films produced by the Burroughs Corporation. »

04: A Trip to the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, Part One

From the series Dispatches for Birth of a Network "You're supposed to to go downstairs first," he said. "But I'm not busy so I can help »

03: Summer Stats for Birth of a Network

From the series Dispatches for Birth of a Network It's been ten months since my last post. Here's a quick update. Revised project working name: - »

02: First Impressions of Galloway's Laruelle: Against the Digital

Three new books arrived yesterday: 24/7, A History of the Atom Bomb, and Laruelle: Against the Digital. The last book I bought on a whim »

01: Self-Reproducing Dreams

At some point during a project's research phase I pursue several completely nonrelated ideas, which rarely make it into the final script — at least not overtly »

00: Dispatches for Birth of a Network

Since 2011 I've shot, written and edited four short videos. Taken together they approximate something of a series. Though about what I'm not exactly sure. At »

25 October 2014

Plasticity Unfolding John Miller - The Ruin of Exchange A Definition of Now 2014 from metahaven on Vimeo. Prozac: Revolution in a Capsule »

13 October 2014 research notes

An automated advertising message: Passing through as if in a car Always passing »

The mosaic technique

The mosaic technique involves accounting for each connection, no matter how tangental. Every node is articulated. Every child is interrogated and expanded. Once the graph is »